One of the first things I ever learnt about the skin was that

1. It is the largest organ in the body.

2. It is designed to keep things OUT.

This is fantastic when it pertains to harmful foreign bodies such as bacteria:  but it makes anti aging treatments challenging.

Microneedling is one of the treatments that fall under the heading of  “controlled injury”.


What is a controlled injury and why is it good for your skin?


The skin cells respond to

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triggers.  This can be a good or a bad trigger and can elicit a good or a bad response.  For example.

When the skin cell is exposed to UV light (sun) it is triggered to release certain enzymes, eg. Collagnease, elastase, which play havoc with the collagen and elastin in your skin, (DNA mutation)  which;  over time will result in what is known as sun damage.  It will manifest as skin thinning, lines, wrinkles and sagging.  This, combined with the natural aging process, is not a great combination.  As one ages, the amount of collagen produced in the papillary (upper) dermis decreases.  Significantly.

The good news is that collagen and elastin can be repaired.  And boosted.


Here’s how

With a “controlled injury” the skin cell is also triggered, but because it is a very specific or controlled, ie, form of energy, depth, etc the following process occurs.

The cell is sent a signal to go into “repair mode”and releases a flurry of stem cells to the site of injury.


Why is this so great?

Stem cells can take on the function of any cell.  This is great news.  Stem cells also stimulate fibroblasts.  A fibroblast is a collagen producing cell.

The short version is that a controlled injury such as microneedling,  otherwise known as collagen induction therapy, does just that.  By the process described above it brings about a influx of collagen to an area.


So there is lots of collagen, does it stay there?

The body is an amazing system beautifully designed to heal itself.

Once the acute inflammation (redness) has subsided and the stem cells and fibroblasts have done their work, they start diminishing again, as they are no longer needed.  So what now?

This is where key ingredients come in to keep the cells active and functioning at their optimum.

In my next blog I will discuss the ingredients that are best used in conjunction with the microneedling treatments.


How does it feel to have a microneedling treatment?

A question I get asked a lot in my practice is how does it feel to have a treatment.  Does it hurt? And how much.

The answer to this is an unequivocal  no.  The skin is cleansed and prepped with an anesthetic cream to take the edge off and once the treatment begins it feels much like rough sandpaper being gently rubbed against the skin.

 Microneedling is a fantastic treatment for reversing sun damage, dramatically improving scar tissue, fine lines, firming and tightening the skin. What makes it so great unlike some lasers, there is no risk of hyper or hypo pigmentation and is suitable for all skins.

For an opportunity to experience what microneedling can do for your skin click on link below: