Lets talk about waxing.

It’s winter, it’s cold, and you’re wearing jeans all the time so no one is going to see your hairy legs anyways, why bother getting them waxed? I understand why you would think this way and I can totally relate to letting yourself get a bit fuzzy during the colder months.  I always explain to my clients that it is important to wax throughout the year, including the winter months.

Here’s why: Getting waxed leads to a reduction of hair growth each and every time. As you continue getting waxed your hair will grow back lighter, thinner, and less noticeable. By removing the hair from the bulb you are damaging the hair follicle, over time waxing will lead to a complete collapse of the hair follicle, and a hair will stop growing in that follicle all together. However, if you stop waxing during the winter months, you are giving the hair follicle a chance to heal. Your hair follicle, and thus the hair, will begin to strength over time, erasing a portion of the hair reduction that we had been working so hard towards!

Additionally, there are three different stages of hair growth.  (See link)

When you first start waxing your hairs are all in different stages of growth. Some hairs are long, some are still growing, some are about to fall out, and yet others are getting ready to take their place under the skin. The very first time that you wax you are going to have hair in all of these different stages. Some of the hair will still be under the skin growing, while others have just barely emerged and are to short for the wax to grip. When waxing the first time you are only removing hair in the late anagen and telogen phase, which is the phase where hair is fully grown and close to falling out.

The average hair growth cycle lasts 4-6 weeks. Therefore, if you stick to it and continue to get waxed within this time period, eventually all your hair will be in the same growth stage at the same time, meaning it will all be removed in future waxing appointments. It usually takes about three waxing appointments to get to this point.

If you stop waxing in the winter, then your hair growth cycles will get out of sync, therefore restarting the process. It’s best to wax the entire year round so that you are able to enjoy a synced growth cycle and the most hair reduction possible. Personally, I have been waxing for years with no shaving in between. I would say about half of my hair follicles no longer produce hair, and even the follicles that are producing hair are so light that you wouldn’t notice them unless you really looked!

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