Our In House Doctor specialises in anti-ageing procedures.


(This fee applies for consultations only.  If a booking is made and work is done the fee is waved.)

Injectables – Botulinum used in minute quantities to relax frown lines and improve wrinkle formation.

R80 per unit

The idea with the below procedures is to look natural,and enhance the youthful features that start giving way to

gravity and fine (or not so fine) lines, as we age.  It happens to the best of us, but yes.  It is possible to turn back the clock.

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What to look for when choosing a doctor for injectables treatments.

Check that the doctor you go to is Registered and Accredited.

Make sure the product they are using is Medical Grade and not a Botulinum substitute.

Look for a doctor that you feel comfortable with and someone that understands what YOU want.

It is important to have realistic expectations as well as be provided with realistic expectations for the best result.

Less is more.  The more natural the look the more pleasing the result.  No one wants to look like they have been stuck in a windtunnel in the pursuit of youth.

Many believe Botox http://ridgefieldacupuncture.com/propecia-online/ is easy and purely technical.  There is also a tremendous amount of thinking and art involved. 

Yes.  Artistry.  One has to know and understand facial muscles, their location, their action, their origin and insertions etc, to fully assess a face and determine the appropriate treatment. Keep in mind those pieces of wisdom.

Anti wrinkle injection