“I have visited Belinda’s beautiful establishment a few times and have been wowed by her Everytime. She is extremely professional.. knowledgeable and so honest. I’m so happy with the results of my microneedling ..my skin

is firmer after just one session and my scars are already improved. So happy to have met this gem..highly recommended and her prices are the best in town !!!!!!”

From our Cape Town skin care clinic, JustBe offer a range of treatments aimed at making you feel more confident and beautiful. We offer some of the advanced anti-aging skin care techniques, through the combination of collagen induction therapy and cosmetic peels.  We treat photoaging (sun damaged skin), acne, acne scarring and have a range of anti aging protocols.

Our facial treatments are tailored to your personal needs, whether it’s reversing the sands of time or simply enhancing your looks to reveal your true beauty potential. Book a Free Skin Consultation with Belinda at our Cape Town clinic.

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